Costa Rica

A small tropical country,     Costa Rica    lies between two oceans.            This,  combined with its complex mountainous topography, gives rise to a extensive variety of habitats. These range from tropical dry forest and lowland rainforest to páramo, with a corresponding difference in climatic conditions.

In general, temperatures vary between 14 and 22 degrees Centigrade in the high Central Valley and between 22 and 28 Centigrade in the lowlands. Temperatures remain relatively stable throughout the year, although some slight changes take place according t o whether it is "Summer" (the dry season) or "Winter" (the wet season). Summer usually prevails from December to April and Winter from May to November. These seasons are clearly defined on the Pacific side of the country but are much less noticeable on th e Caribbean side where the precipitation is much more evenly distributed throughout the year.


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