Testimonies (write us and we will add yours)

"Lorena & Jorge: Our prayers are always with you and your family, as well as your extended family.  We have missed your presence at Father's House F.W.C. - please visit again soon.  Your praise and worship leadership is beyond words - the way you bring the Spirit into worship is such a special, comforting experience.  We wish you success in your missions work.  Sending our love and prayers your way -  Sue & Skip Bird   Montgomery Texas"

"It was good to hear from you again. I visited your website and I really enjoyed it. I was glad to see the pictures taken in Albania and to read about the ministry that you have around the world. I'm sure that you are being an instrument in God's hand and He is pleased with you. (Armida was our formal translator when we went to Albania. God used her mightly in order for us to deliver the message of the Gospel)" Armida Idrizi - Lawter, Albania USA

"Dear Jorge & Lorena, I was listening to your instrumental CD as I worshiped and prayed this morning. It is great! Thank you for the four CD's.  Our church was greatly blessed by your presence and ministry. One brother received a significant knee and shoulder healing. I woke up this morning and realized a knee problem I have had for years is about 80% gone." Rev. Larry Fry Olathe Christian Fellowship, Kansas

"After very carefully thinking with much prayer Mywife and I felt to contact you just to initiate strong contact with you so that we can join forces and make the Unreached Peoples Missions in Tanzania into fruition. Friends!!! Thank you so much for your heartfelt ideas of helping us. We are  very much rejoiced by this unique plan." Williams and Naomi YINDI

"Please i have a request that when you will be having any conference i very much eager to attend please do consider me. I do come from kenya Africa. Pastor James. Kenya Africa

"Thanks for all the information you sent me.  We are praying for you and your ministry."  Your brother in Christ Cris Tetzintla 

"Hi Jorge and Lorena, I cry every time I see pictures from your work in Chira!!! You are changing a people group for the King! Hope you all are continuing to do well. Praying His richest blessings." Stefanie Brokas Lakeland, FL TLC Family Church

"You came to our church once. What a wonderful ministry and family you have" Karen Wright

"Dear Jorge and Lorena Gamboa we love you and you are so precious in the eyes of GOD we have been longing to hear wonderful testimonies from you, its a great thing to worship God And work for Him. keep striving towards the call of the high calling in your lives, miss you dearly, and we need you . last Sunday we had the baptism of 20 new converts. Thank you for your prayers for the orphans and the entire family of Christ."  Isaac and  Emily Mukweyi

"It is my honor and pleasure to take this opportunity to write as I came across your ministry over the Internet. I do hope that you are open to welcome us as part of your family ministry there though we are here in the Philippines." Native Tribal Pastor Rolando S. Aboloc

"I'm blessed with what you're doing. Glory be to God. I am fine and all is well with me, Church and Friends, we are fine in the Lord, Jesus Christ. Well, I'm a  director of special ministries here in Kenya and fellowshipping with Deliverance Church here in Kenya. We have seen the hand of the Lord upon our life. We feel, therefore with the love of Christ that we might get to learn more about him and get to accomplish what he has to be done. Glory be to God. God bless you and yours in Christ." Amen Brother Paul Kakai

"Thanks so very much for the CD's  we are enjoying them greatly.  God bless you and your family with much grace and peace.  We pray that He open many doors for you to minister His love and power to others." Dennis and Connie Watson, Olathe Kansas

"Loved the site. Thanks for the information about religions and Cults!" Joseph and Mirna Wyne New York City

"Dear Friends, Thanks for this opportunity and fellowship in prayer. We love your prayers and concern for us. We are sending this prayer request:  please stand in prayer with us. We would love to have your prayers for us and ministerial work being done."  Pervaz Rehmat Masih Lahore, Punjab Pakistan

"Your web-site is awesome. What you are doing for the Kingdom is great. I look forward to meeting you through SEEC Ministries. Blessings to you and family." Rev Daniel L. Ford Bastrop, TX USA

"Keep doing God's work. It is amazing how a couple like you can touch hearts the way you do. God bless" Michaela Smith Dallas, Texas

"I am a born again Christian. I just happened across your site. I just wanted to say God Bless! I loved your list of emergency numbers. I hope that the Lord continues to work in your lives." Stephanie Idaho Falls, ID USA

"Jorge & Lorena God bless your every breath and my prayers go out to you and your ministries. Thank you for helping more to realize a dream come true. I could not have done it without you. And, I would have never known you if I had not been searching for God online! Again, many thanks and blessings to you, your family, and your ministries. DG Studs Los Angeles, CA USA