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Discipline, Correction and Punishment according to GOD





Praise and Worship
























How to discern the difference among them and how to use it properly in order to raise godly children.  

How to detect and  change unwanted behaviors in our children

Practical Solutions for parenting



What is Praise, Supreme praise and worship.  What is the difference among these terms.

Praise and worship in the Old and New Testaments.

Different positions, expressions and postures that show praise and reverence towards GOD, according to the BIBLE.

What about dancing, playing instruments and singing.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord

Adoration... in spirit and truth



 What is all about.

Inner roots that cause ties and hurts.

Analyzing the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light

Unclean Spirits named in the bible and how to tie them up.

The difference between unclean spirits and the works of the flesh.


forgiveness according to GOD



 Financial concepts according to Biblical principles

 Tithe, offering and sowing

How to be free from the curse of debt

How to live in prosperity and blessing




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