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The Vision has come to pass

To equip, train, empower and send  youth people from all around the world  to the mission's  field.   Our love and care for this Island in Central America is growing each year with the visit of different teens and youth groups to that place.  We truly believe that we can be a blessing to this entire community also, by providing  job opportunities, training and spiritual guide. 

At the present, we have 6 students that are living in the premises and take care of the Camp.

MATTHEW HERRIDGE  is an Anglo-American who has joined our ministry in an unconditional way. For more than three years he was working with us in the supervision and construction of the Training Center. He left the comfort of his house,  his language, his family and work to join this vision. This young man is a God's gift for our lives. Today he speaks Spanish fluently and performs a very important work as Leader of the project in the island.

  If you want to collaborate and support this vision, you are just a clic away.

Mathew                                                  (First group of students)

Mateo primer grupo de estudiantes


We already started the student's facilities.  The restrooms are finished and the kitchen too.  The construction of three new building has been taking place in the last years.

Free in Christ Ministries Intl.  Has worked  with the improvement of the quality life of the people of Chira Island.  FICMI, have touched many lives through the Word of God and service.  Every year, youth mission groups go to this wonderful place in order to bless, help, reach and improve the infrastructure.


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Looking at the land


These tents don't exist anymore. Strong winds in 2009 destroyed them





We are planting God's kingdom together!  Thanks very much for all your love and for believing in us through all these years.  Blessings to all! 




The pictures below are showing our recent improvements and new constructions of the Student's dorms and Teacher's facilities.


Achieved Goals and activities:  * Objectives  2004 - 2010*   

1/ Building the entrance path (road) that will go through the front of the property till the Training Center. 2,000 feet long. 

2/ Building a bridge in order to bring an 18 wheeler to the property 

3/ Cleaning the property lot, Set up the tents and connect Power and water. 

4/ Construction of: kitchen, restrooms, students dorms and teachers fascilities

5/ Evangelistic work at night, bringing the community to our place, using a projector in order to bless children and youth with different movies. These movies will help to bring a message of good news in their own language. After the movie we will have a forum and ministry to the people. Also through skits, mimes, singing, etc.

6/ Meeting with pastors presenting the vision of the Mission Center and Bible Institute.  We just delivered the materials and dvds.

7/ Training the church in explosive evangelism and Family Issues.

8/ Hosting students in the Training Center for a year or two of Bible training and practical evangelism


Presentacion de Instituto Biblico



We are working with the construction of our facilities


Thanks to all our partners that have made this possible through their donations and ministry work



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