"An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord's affairs–how he can please the Lord."


An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord's affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit.






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Tips - Consejos



Tips - Consejos




Getting married is easy. It's fun, it's a big party!
Staying that's another matter!


  • I choose to please God first!


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      For better or worse, men generally value power, competency, efficiency and achievement. They are always trying to develop skills and prove themselves. In fact this is not ungodly. It's actually a good way to gain self confidence. These things only become a problem when they are done out of wrong motives and take the place of God.

      For most men, fulfillment comes through success and accomplishment rather than sharing and relating. It is the ability to be self sufficient and competent that is most fulfilling to a man. A man, often takes pride in doing things all by himself and doesn't always see we were meant to work together!


A woman is motivated when she feels cherished - protected tended to. The highest compliment you can pay a woman is your undivided attention-make time to give her this attention!


The Modern Dating Game

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What is dating? By the word dating we are referring to the twentieth century phenomenon knows as modern recreational dating. It works something like this. A boy meets a girl, decides that she is pleasing in some sense (e.g., cute smile, sexy body, nice sounding voice, cool friends, groovy car, etc.) and then asks her to go out on a date. If she accepts, the boy will pick her up at a certain time and then (typically) will take her out to dinner, and/or to a movie (or concert, etc.) and then in many cases will park the car in a secluded area and engage in necking and heavy petting. In today's culture "nice girls" will not allow the necking and petting until the second, third or fourth date. In modern America, dating among high school and college students frequently involves booze, drugs and sexual intercourse.

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  • Learn to put God first in your life! Be prepared for a Christian marriage! Read the Bible, attend a church you feel comfortable with. Study God's wisdom for marriage, husbands and wives. The Bible gives us one very important instruction in this area, and that is to be "equally yoked". (II Corinthians 6:14) Study this and understand it's true meaning!


  • Know Yourself! Take the time to make any necessary changes YOU may need so that you can become a good partner to someone. You CANNOT be happy in ANY marriage without first being happy yourself!


  • Know what you need! You must know what your needs are so that you can communicate them to a potential partner. These are the things you cannot compromise on! Ask your partner what his/her needs are. Find out whether the two of you can meet these needs for each other. We can't even begin to tell you how important this really is!


  • Learn to accept the warning signals you feel while dating someone! The realization that someone your dating is not your "special someone" is half the battle. You could spend a lifetime trying to make a relationship work, that essentially, would never work! Everyone has good and bad qualities. Just because you may not be suited for someone does not mean that that person would not be a great partner for someone else! If it's not "right", respect yourself and that person enough to let go. Both of you deserve a happy life.


  • Don't live in fear about the possibilities that you may be single in your lifetime. Fear breeds insanity while dating! Your needs won't matter at all! You can make very foolish decisions if this fear takes over. Fill your life with the things that make you happy. Give it to God and LEAVE it there!


  • Excessive drinking, (practicing alcoholics, weekend binger's etc.), substance abusers and the like, are "NOT AVAILABLE" for a committed relationship. These individuals need help and the disease or diseases make them, for the moment, unable to sustain a healthy relationship. It is impossible by God's standards to worship anything above Him! God must always come first! This type of "relationship" will only prove to hurt you over and over again. Always encourage, as much as possible, that they seek the help they so deserve, so that one day they can experience the life that God has intended for them. For Christian Resources for recovery on the internet, go to Christians In Recovery


  • Seek a good reputable Christian counselor, if possible, to assist you in making the right decision. Marriage is a, COMMITMENT, for LIFE. You owe it to yourself to make the best possible decision. Finding the right mate and making an lifetime commitment to that person is a wonderful gift from God!

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